Who is Lisa Sars?

Good question.  Lisa began her career working with children at age 11 nannying for her two next door neighbours.  A many years later, with a contemporary dance training program under her belt plus 10 years work as a children's storyteller and 8 years working in the capacity of a play, dance and yoga educator, she finds herself as: a mother of two beautiful kids, a very cuddly cat, and the wife of a local musical mastermind.

The dedication and devotion she holds in her heart for growth and learning, continually pushes her forward to take new risks, make her heart available to her students, and to challenge the idea of what it means to be an artist. What is an artist?

Her work encourages reflection in all contexts and in all ages, recognizing it's the process of coming to an answer (or a question) that is an integral part of learning.  An avid reader she stays abreast of the latest studies in neuroscience (of great interest to her), coupled with many yogic texts.

Lisa regularly travels to the Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay BC to further her yogic studies having complete the Yoga Development Course Winter 2018. In summer 2017 she visited the Creative Dance Centre in Seattle to grow as a dance educator. She would like very much to thank all of her teachers, in all forms, and at all stages of her life.